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Emergency Training Systems is here to provide you with critical training to prepare you and your department for an emergency. We offer training, consulting and educational services in many different disciplines in a true to life situational environment. Our experience and client input have led us to identify critical areas where proper training and planning is a must. ETS Inc. has designed training classes to fit Large Departments, Small Departments, Volunteer Departments, Rescue Squads, Law Enforcement Agencies, Private Corporations and the training needs of individuals.

Please see our Training Calendar for current classes.

About the Company
Emergency Training Systems Inc. was formed in the mid 1990s by firefighters to train other firefighters and emergency personnel in specific job related functions. Our instructors have expert knowledge and experience in the fields of Wildland Firefighting, Vehicle Extrication, EVOC / Emergency Vehicle Driving, Barn Fire Tactics & Strategies, Incident Command and Basic and Advanced Firefighting. Classes are held across the country and also at fixed training sites in Florida and Tennessee.

Firefighter Training

Firefighter education begins with the basic knowledge and training in firefighting and proceeds to a level of higher technical excellence. ETS Inc. features basic firefighter classes such as Fire Service Hydraulics, Fire Apparatus and Basic Response to Terrorism through to additional Fire Officer I classes. Basic level courses also include Incident Command training, Building Construction and Fire Course Design and Delivery. Advance training includes Firefighting Tactics And Strategies I & II, Company Officer, Fire Service Administration and Haz Mat I.

Please see Firefighter Training for more information.

Wildland Firefighter Training

In the last 15 years Wildland Firefighting training has become some of the most sought after training in the United States and overseas. We feature many NWCG / National Wildfire Coordinating Group classes including the Basic Wildland Firefighter Training.

All courses are taught under the NWCG and other federal standards. Our instructors are currently red carded in operational and command positions for national deployments.

Please see Wildland Firefighter Training for more information.

Barn Fire Tactics & Strategies/Equine Emergencies
Every year in the United States approximately 4500 barn fires occur and even higher numbers of barn and horse accidents. The number one solution is being trained and prepared to handle an accident or fire with a horse or other large animal. It is estimated that less then 10% of the emergency workers across the country have ever handled a horse and even less have been trained to handle a horse in an emergency situation. Our specialized courses feature live horses with live smoke in real life barn fire and emergency situations. In addition, we have designed classes for the equine owner, equine judges and technical stewards in dealing with horse and carriage driving accidents, developing an accident preparedness plan and overall safety on the show ground.

Please see Barn Fire for more information.

EVOC Instructor/Train-the-Trainer/ EVOC Training
Based on common National and Federal EVOC / Emergency Vehicle Operator Driving courses, Emergency Training Systems has developed a 16 hour EVOC Instructor/Train-the-trainer program that will prepare students to teach EVOC to their respective departments. The first 8 hours is classroom training and the second 8 hours is a complete hands on training session on the EVOC road driving course. Our Instructors have been teaching this class for over 20 years and have prepared hundreds of new Instructors in both emergency driving and accident avoidance. We also feature consulting and training in accident prevention, accident investigation and emergency driver education.

Incident Command/ Incident Safety Officer
Incident Command training is a specialty of Emergency Training Systems with escalating levels of training that include hands on tabletop scenarios. Beginning with NIMS / I-700 through I-100, I-200, I-300 and continuing to Incident Command for large scale incidents including extrication, commercial and residential structure fires, wildland / urban interface and hazardous materials incidents. Our instructors currently serve on State and Federal Incident Management Teams. Our "Table Top City" includes scenarios such as commercial and residential structures fires, high rise structure fires, natural and man made disasters, hazardous material incidents, wildland / urban interface, train derailments and large scale highway accidents.

We also teach Basic Incident Command for Law Enforcement and private agencies under the criteria of The Department of Homeland Security.

Extrication Training
Lead by Nationally Recognized extrication expert Chief Daryl Newport, Emergency Training Systems offers state of the art extrication classes across the country.

Classes begin with basic extrication training, patient consideration and scene safety and move into advanced extrication training including school bus accidents, heavy vehicle rollovers and overturned gasoline tankers. All courses have both classroom training and some of the most thorough hands on training in the industry. Chief Newport is one of the leading experts in the United States in Hybrid Vehicle technology, vehicle safety and extrication. Standard and customized extrication training classes are available.

Private Corporation Training
The private and corporate sector has become heavily involved in training their employees in such areas as defensive and off-road driving, basic incident command, first responder level courses, fire extinguisher classes and basic emergency response training. We can customize classes to meet the needs of the employer and employee.

Did you know?
Every year in the United States Approximately 4500 Barn Fires happen and even more Barn and Horse accidents. The number one factor to preventing a Fire or Accident in your facility is being prepared! 

Ask yourself these Questions:
Have you ever handled a panicked horse inside a smoke filled barn? 
What would you do if someone falls off a horse on your property? 
How do I use a fire extinguisher when there is fire inside my barn? 

Consult Emergency Training Systems for your safety training today!
View our Barn/Fire Safety Class Now!


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